My Botanical Art:  Just "Googled" Botanical Art. Thought it might be a good idea to see what was out there before detailing my process and style......freaky!  There is alot out there...but I can only be me, and actually have not found another artist doing quite the same. So here's the short version of what I'm up to. If you are interested in more detail, please email me.


My botanical designs usually begin(and are completed) as a 5x7 composition of paper, ink, pressed plants, and pounded plants. The papers used in the designs come from various sources and cultures. The plants used in the designs are typically found in the central Indiana area. The pressed plants are inventoried in many books.....old books....books without shinny pages. The plant pounding is just that....plant pigment retained by the paper after a gentle pounding with a hammer. The fusion of these elements becomes My Botanical Art.......but that's not the end of the process. The original vibrant color(s) have a short life......they tend to fade and dry rapidly when exposed to air and light. To retain the original intensity of design and color, a high resolution photograph is taken upon completion; therefore, allowing the design to be giclee' printed on canvas and watercolor paper. The prints are archival and limited to 125 for each design.

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